TechyTeam guarantee and warranty information

The refurbished equipment we sell here is backed by our TechyTeam guarantee. Each product comes backed by a one year guarantee which begins when the equipment has been delivered to you by our couriers. If for example you have to return an item to us for repair or replacement all equipment is returned to you free of charge.

If you think you have a problem or need some assistance then please get in touch with a member of our support team by calling us on 0871 288 3261 or via email at

The warranty for example covers the hardware of product and does not include software or consumables like batteries or ink for a printer. The warranty or guarantee does not cover any problems which arise thruogh misuse or accidental damage.

We also offers customers the opportunity to upgrade their 1 year warranty up to a maximum of 3 years if they wish at excellent rates!


So how does the warranty work should you have a problem?

Day 1) The Faulty product is sent/collected to TechyTeam

Day 2) The package is received at TechyTeam and inspection begins

Day 3) The repair is carried out and it is then repackaged and ready to be mailed back to you the customer

Day 4) The courier collects the repaired item and the customer is emailed a copy of the new tracking information

Day5/6) You will receive your reparied item

*In the event that a repair cannot be carried out the faulty product will be replaced with the same or better hardware