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Built for Learning. Built to Last. Introducing the Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen.

In today’s classrooms, technology is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. But equipping students with powerful laptops can be a strain on budgets. Enter the Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen – a Chromebook designed to empower learning, built to withstand the rigors of student life, and priced to fit any school district’s needs.

Unleash a World of Learning:

The 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen runs on Chrome OS, a lightning-fast operating system built for simplicity and speed. Forget bulky software installations and frustrating updates. Chrome OS boots up in seconds, keeping students focused on what matters – learning.

Powering Everyday Tasks:

At the heart of the Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen lies the AMD A4-9120C CPU. This efficient processor delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks like:

  • Web Browsing: Seamlessly navigate the web, explore educational websites, and conduct research with ease.
  • Research and Writing: Craft essays, complete assignments, and collaborate with classmates using Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with educational apps and games from the Google Play Store, fostering a fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Video Conferencing: Connect with teachers and classmates virtually, fostering communication and collaboration in remote or hybrid learning environments.

Built to Endure the Classroom:

Accidents happen, especially in classrooms. The 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen is engineered to take a beating – literally. Here’s how:

  • Spill-Resistant Keyboard: Liquid mishaps are no match for the sealed keyboard. Let students focus on learning, not on worrying about spilled drinks.
  • Reinforced Chassis: The 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen features a ruggedized chassis that can handle bumps, drops, and everyday wear and tear.
  • Military-Grade Durability: This Chromebook meets specific MIL-STD-810G testing standards, ensuring it can withstand shocks, vibrations, and even extreme temperatures.

Designed for Mobility and Convenience:

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. The Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen is built for portability:

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, it’s easy for students to carry between classes or take home for homework.
  • Long Battery Life: With up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, students can learn uninterrupted throughout the school day, no need for scrambling to find an outlet.
  • Simple Connectivity: Equipped with essential ports like USB-A, USB-C for charging and data transfer, HDMI for connecting to projectors, and a headphone jack, it seamlessly integrates into any learning environment.

Amplify Collaboration and Communication:

The 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen is more than just a learning tool; it fosters collaboration and communication:

  • Integrated Webcam: Connect with teachers and classmates virtually, facilitating remote learning and fostering interaction.
  • Google Classroom Integration: Streamline assignments, manage student progress, and create a collaborative learning environment through Google Classroom.
  • Cloud-Based Learning: Access documents, files, and applications from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting seamless learning from school or home.

A Chromebook for Every Budget:

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen isn’t just feature-packed, it’s budget-friendly. It delivers exceptional value for schools and educational institutions looking for an affordable solution to equip their students. Here’s what you get:

  • Affordable Price Point: The 100e Chromebook is a cost-effective solution for schools, allowing you to empower student learning without breaking the bank.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The Chrome OS platform requires minimal maintenance, reducing IT support costs and downtime.
  • Security at its Core: Chrome OS features built-in security features, protecting student data and safeguarding against online threats.

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen: More Than Just a Laptop, It’s an Investment in Education.

Investing in the 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen isn’t just about equipping students with a device – it’s about investing in their future. It empowers them with the tools they need to learn, collaborate, and thrive in a digital world.

Contact your Lenovo representative today and discover how the 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen can transform your classroom and empower the next generation of learners.

Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen. Built for Learning. Built to Last.

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