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Cloud Gaming Chromebook

This cloud gaming chromebook for kids features the Google Android Chromebook software, granting access to the Google Android Play Store, where hundreds of thousands of apps, games, and programs can be found.

Not only is it suitable for gaming, but it can also be utilized for work, remote learning, or homework by both kids and adults. Additionally, it includes parental controls and restrictions, allowing adults to limit usage or content.

Popular apps from the Google Play Store such as Roblox, TikTok, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and Among Us, among many others, can be found on the device.

As depicted in the pictures, a colorful lid decal has been added to make it stand out for gaming enthusiasts. Each decal is randomly computer generated before being applied so the laptop you receive will be completely individual to you. How cool is that?

Chromebook Hardware information

Powered by Intel Celeron processor at 2.2GHz and supported by 4GB of system RAM and 16GB SSD of storage space. The 11″ wide-screen display, along with an HDMI port, enables users to connect the cloud gaming chromebook to a TV and enjoy a console-like gaming experience. Furthermore, two USB ports and a memory card slot are available for additional storage space.

This Cloud Gaming Chromebook has been refurbished by authorized engineers and comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. As depicted in the pictures, a colorful lid decal has been added to make it stand out for gaming enthusiasts.


What is Cloud Gaming on a Chromebook?

Cloud gaming is a method of playing games on your laptop without the need for installation. This is achieved through streaming games from “the cloud”, similar to how videos are streamed on platforms like YouTube. With a dependable internet connection, you can enjoy playing even the most graphics-heavy games without requiring high-end hardware, such as a dedicated graphics card.

For optimal cloud gaming performance, we suggest having a network bandwidth of at least 15 Mbps to stream at 720p and 60Hz. To stream at 1080p and 60 FPS, we recommend a minimum of 30 Mbps, and for resolutions up to 1600p, at least 35 Mbps. Please note that streaming at 1600p and 120fps requires an ethernet connection for the best possible results.

Chromebooks for cloud gaming are compatible with three primary cloud gaming platforms: NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Xbox cloud gaming, and Amazon Luna. Any game that is compatible with these platforms will also work on cloud gaming Chromebooks, including popular titles like Fortnite, The Witcher 3, Halo Infinite, and many others.

And dont forget Cloud Gaming Chromebooks offer a wide range of apps for both work and play purposes. You can enhance productivity with apps like Microsoft Office, explore your creative side with apps like Adobe Lightroom, and relax with apps like Netflix or your preferred PC, console, and mobile games.

Getting started Cloud Gaming on a Chromebook

You can access Xbox Game Cloud on this Cloud Gaming Chromebook. To play the games available on this platform, a subscription is required. However, with a subscription, you gain access to numerous Xbox-exclusive games, including Forza Horizon, Halo, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Luna cloud gaming is amazon cloud gaming which is a relatively new player in the cloud gaming arena, but it offers a diverse selection of games and great value for its users. All games available on Luna are streamed from PCs that are connected to Amazon Web Services servers and the cloud, so you will still require internet access to play these games. However if you are a subscriber to amazon prime there is no additional charge for using this service.

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service developed by NVIDIA that allows users to stream video games on their computers or chromebooks. It operates on a subscription-based model and lets users access a library of games they own from popular digital storefronts like Steam, Epic Games Store, and Uplay, and play them remotely on their devices.This service essentially enables users to play games that they might not otherwise be able to run on their local machines, as the games are streamed from powerful remote servers.

Another new service available to Chromebook users is the boosteroid games app. You can download and try it from here.

Our final option for gaming on a Cloud Gaming Chromebook is perhaps the most straightforward: the Google Play Store. This app comes pre-installed on most recent Chromebooks and offers access to a vast library of Android games. With countless options available, you can easily find popular games like Angry Birds, Asphalt 9, Solitaire, and many more.

These games can be downloaded as Android apps, and since the Play Store recognizes that you are on a Gaming Chromebook, it only displays games that are compatible with your device. It is also worth mentioning that the Google Play Store features a section dedicated to games specifically designed for Cloud Gaming Chromebooks.

Simply click on the Chromebook tab under Games and explore the selection!

Why you should buy this Awesome Gaming Chromebook

With regards to the condition of the refurbished product it has been tested, checked and everything is working and its in great condition.We would grade these units at Grade B+ to Grade A meaning screens are blemish free and there are very very few scratches.

Plus Its backed by a 1 year guarantee for your peace of mind and 30 days returns policy should you decide to test it out and send it back for a full refund.

Dont forget TechyTeam also offer free delivery to the UK and Ireland

And lastly we also offer flexible payment terms with Paypal for your added security.

Whats in the box?

1 x Chromebook

1 x mains cable

1 x charger

And Additional accessory package if selected

Additional information



Processor Model

Intel Celeron N3060

Processor Speed



1YR Warranty



Operating System Options

Google Chrome Android OS

Whats in the box?

Laptop, charger, mains cable & battery



2 x USB Ports, HDMI, memory card slot

Accessory Options:

Add Gaming headset & Mouse, No Extra Accessories


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