Super Deluxe 4 Person Picnic set

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4 Person Picnic set

Are you in search of the ideal picnic set to share with your family or friends? Look no further than our 4-Person Picnic Bag Set Hamper with Blanket and Wine Bottle Holder!

This complete picnic set is equipped with all the necessary essentials for an enjoyable outdoor meal with your loved ones, including four sets of stainless steel cutlery, plates, wine glasses, and napkins. It also comes with a corkscrew bottle opener and cheese knife.

Crafted from waterproof and durable fabric, the bag safeguards your belongings from moisture while keeping them intact. The insulated interior preserves your food and drinks at the ideal temperature, and the adjustable shoulder strap makes transportation a breeze.

Along with the fundamental picnic supplies, this set also features a warm and comfortable fleece blanket, ideal for a relaxing picnic. The wine bottle holder makes it easy to bring your preferred bottle of wine along with you.

Whether you’re organizing a romantic picnic for two or a delightful day out with friends, the 4 Person Picnic set Hamper with Blanket and Wine Bottle Holder is an excellent selection. Order now and receive fast and secure shipping straight to your doorstep!

4 person picnic set

The 4 Person Picnic bag set comes with:

4 x forks

4 x knives

4 x spoons

4 x wine glasses

4 x plates

4 x napkins

1 x salt shaker

1 x pepper pot

1 x corkscrew

1 x waterproof back picnic blanket

1 x detachable wine/drinks insulated bottle holder

Where is the ideal place to Picnic and some useful tips?

You can picnic in a variety of outdoor locations such as parks, beaches, gardens, nature reserves, and even on hiking trails or in the countryside. However, it’s always important to check if the location allows picnics and if there are any specific rules or regulations regarding food and waste disposal.

You can find some excellent locations here on the National Trust website

Additionally, be sure to pack up and take any trash with you to leave the area clean and tidy.

Did you know you can save money by Picnicing?

Picnicking can be a cost-effective way to enjoy a meal or outdoor activity. Instead of eating out at a restaurant or buying pre-made food, you can prepare your own meals at home and bring them with you in a picnic bag or basket.

Additionally, many parks and outdoor spaces offer free or low-cost admission, making picnicking an affordable way to enjoy nature and spend time with loved ones.

What makes the ideal picnic for this 4 Person Picnic set?

The ideal picnic for this picnic bag set would be one that is enjoyed outdoors with family or friends. The set includes everything needed for a four-person picnic, including stainless steel cutlery, plates, wine glasses, and napkins.

The corkscrew bottle opener and cheese knife make it easy to open and serve wine and cheese, which can be carried in the wine bottle holder.

The insulated interior of the bag keeps food and drinks at the perfect temperature, and the durable and waterproof fabric ensures that items stay dry and protected. The cozy fleece blanket is also included to keep you warm and comfortable during your picnic.

The ideal picnic for this set can include sandwiches, fruits, cheese, crackers, salads, and your favorite bottle of wine.

Here are our Top 7 Ultimate Picnic Tips:
  1. Bring a trash bag – Don’t forget to bring a trash bag with you to properly dispose of any waste. Leave the area clean and tidy for the next person to enjoy.
  2. Pack hand sanitizer – It’s always a good idea to have hand sanitizer or wipes with you, especially if there aren’t any hand-washing facilities available.
  3. Choose the right spot – Look for a location with plenty of shade and a flat surface to set up your picnic. Avoid areas with lots of insects or pests.
  4. Keep food safe – If you’re bringing perishable foods, make sure to pack them in a cooler or insulated bag with ice packs to keep them at a safe temperature.
  5. Bring a first aid kit – Accidents can happen, so it’s always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with you, including band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relief medication.
  6. Don’t forget the entertainment – Bring along some fun activities to enjoy after your meal, such as frisbees, board games, or a deck of cards.
  7. Have fun and enjoy yourself with this super delux 4 Person Picnic set


4 Person Picnic set




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