Eco Friendly Laptops

The environmental impact of the technology industry is a pressing issue that cannot be overlooked. The production and disposal of laptops, computers, and other modern tech have a significant impact on the environment. Approximately 4% of global emissions come from the digital sector, with half of the carbon emissions being attributed to the production of such devices. To limit the environmental impact of these devices, refurbishing them instead of replacing them can be a significant step in the right direction so please read below for a number of eco friendly reasons to buy refurbished laptops and computers.

The manufacturing of tech devices such as computers and laptops is a large consumer of rare earths, gold, silver, and various types of metals. The extraction of these minerals has a substantial impact on the environment and ecosystems, as well as the human labor conditions in which the mines are operated. The direct usage of minerals and rare metals in a single laptop or computer is 100 grams, but the overall impact is much broader, with an average of 44 kg of rock being extracted and destroyed to obtain these materials. In fact, the manufacture of a computer requires an average of almost 100 kg of raw materials.

refurbished laptops are eco friendly laptops

Cobalt mining in the Congo

The production of raw materials can result in significant environmental and social impacts, such as land use changes, deforestation, water pollution, and human rights abuses. Moreover, the extraction of metals and minerals can lead to the release of toxic substances and greenhouse gas emissions.

The extraction of rare materials like neodymium, which are essential for laptop speakers, has disastrous impacts on water resources. The production of one tonne of neodymium contaminates 75,000 liters of water with toxic substances. Additionally, the production of a single computer requires an average of 1,500 liters of fresh water, while a laptop requires 1,000 liters. These are not negligible quantities, considering the increasing water stress in many parts of the world. In 2020 alone, approximately 302.6 million new PCs were shipped worldwide.

refurbished laptops are eco friendly

water pollution from rare earth metal production

Therefore, it is imperative to address the environmental impact of the technology industry and to promote sustainable practices such as refurbishing devices, recycling materials, and minimizing waste. The tech industry should strive towards reducing their carbon footprint and limit their use of harmful materials, while ensuring that their production processes are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

If you chose to buy from TechyTeam you can see how avoiding buying new is better for the environment by buying eco friendly laptops.

The solution is buy refurbished laptops are eco friendly and help make the world a better place:

By choosing to refurbish, we can also help to reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills or is incinerated, contributing to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, by extending the life of our electronics, we can reduce the demand for new devices and the resources needed to produce them. 

it’s actually the energy consumption during the manufacturing process that contributes to the most to the carbon footprint. Research shows that around 80% of the total energy consumed during a desktop computer’s lifetime is used in its production, with only 20% used during its actual use. According to a study by the European Union, the production of a laptop emits an average of 170 kg of CO2. Another study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates that producing a 3 kg laptop results in the emission of about 360 kg of CO2. You can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing an eco friendly refurbished laptop.

Therefore, refurbishing can be a sustainable alternative to the overproduction of appliances and waste. It not only helps to reduce our individual environmental impact, but it also supports a circular economy by keeping devices in use and reducing the need for new resources because refurbished laptops are eco friendly laptops.

How TechyTeam is helping with refurbished laptops are eco friendly

Since we begun selling refurbished laptops and computers online in 2004 we have managed to save a total of 70,000 tonnes of e-waste so far thus you can see how refurbished laptops are eco friendly. Click here to see techyteam’s eco friendly laptops for sale and click here for dell sustainable laptops and lenovo sustainable laptops. If you are wondering what the most sustainable laptop is? it will beone that has been refurbished and saved from polluting the environment via e-waste.

What are the Pro’s & Con’s of buying new versus buying refurbished?

Pro buying refurbished:

Somebody has already used the laptop before you, so if you’re buying a refurbished laptop, you are likely to discover a few dents, dings, and scratches from the previous owner. When a laptop is refurbished, some of these markings are impossible to remove. The good news, however, is that these markings don’t impact the functionality, speed, or quality of the device. The other good news is that while they don’t affect how well the computer works; cosmetic defects can lead to an even bigger discount.

Cons of buying refurbished:

One potential downside of purchasing a refurbished device is that it may have minor cosmetic imperfections due to prior use. These blemishes can include scratches, dents, or dings on the casing or screen that may be difficult or impossible to remove. However, it’s important to note that these imperfections do not affect the functionality or performance of the device in any way. Additionally, these cosmetic defects can often lead to a deeper discount on the device, making it a more affordable option for those on a budget.

Pro buying refurbished:


One of the advantages of refurbished laptops is that they can be just as fast as new computers. Despite being older models, these laptops can still be updated and perform the necessary functions for most users. Furthermore, refurbished laptops can have as much RAM and storage space as newer laptops, meaning that they can even be faster than new ones if they have upgraded internals. In other words, buying a refurbished laptop with good specs can give you the same level of performance as a brand new computer, but at a lower cost.

Cons of buying refurbished:


One of the potential drawbacks of purchasing a refurbished laptop is that it may not come with a manufacturer’s warranty, as some laptop makers may void the warranty for devices refurbished by a third party. However, it’s worth noting that most warranties would have already expired by the time a laptop is refurbished. Reliable sellers of refurbished laptops, such as TechyTeam, typically provide their own warranty to cover the device, often for up to 12 months. As with any technology purchase, the warranty is an important factor to consider, as it provides the buyer with peace of mind and confidence in their investment and with TechyTeam you can read over 47,000 customer reviews.

Pro buying refurbished:


Refurbished laptops offer cost savings compared to new ones

When it comes to buying a laptop, cost is a significant factor to consider. Refurbished laptops can provide a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a brand new device. They are typically sold at a lower price point compared to new laptops, which means you can save money or get a higher-spec model for the same price as a new, lower-end model. This makes refurbished laptops an excellent option for students, freelancers, or anyone on a tight budget who still needs a reliable computer for work or personal use. Click here to see how much money you can save by buying an eco friendly laptop price