Refurbished laptops and refurbished computers

TechyTeam specialise in selling Refurbished laptops and refurbished computers. There is no need to spend full price on these factory refurbished products when customers are choosing us and for good reason when buying a cheap laptop. You will get a product in excellent condition that is reliable and backed by a long warranty at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new. Plus a no quibble refund policy.

About TechyTeam

TechyTeam is a company devoted to our customers. Our aim is simple: To provide the best possible products and the best possible prices without scrimping on quality and service. All members of our team have 15 years of IT sales, support and refurbishing laptops in helping both consumers, businesses, public sector organisations and schools. We specialise in purchasing end-of-line, reconditioned, open-box and new IT products backed with our own comprehensive guarantee and backup support service. As soon as you buy a computer from us you become and member of the team! Why not check out our cheap laptop reviews and refurbished laptop customer testimonials?
Each refurbished laptop that we sell is delivered in secure packaging and ready to use straight from the box. We install the operating system and provide cheap laptops with a free software package such as free antivirus software and free office software. We sell brands such as Dell laptops, IBM laptops, HP laptops and Toshiba laptops plus many more. We have laptops ranging from Windows 98 based Pentium III laptops to the modern day Intel I5 laptops. We stock a wide range of machines that cater for all customer requirements with prices started at under £100 for a refurbished laptop.
TechyTeam are a UK registered refurbisher so that means our reconditioned laptops and refurbished computers go through a stringent notebook recommissioning process where any broken parts are replaced and they are put through extensive testing to ensure there are no more faults. This enables us to offer each laptop or computer with a 6month or 12month warranty just like a brand new laptop. Each laptop is assigned a grade and this enables us to offer our cheap laptops and refurbished computer for sale at a fraction of the cost of a brand new machine. At TechyTeam we have been saving customers money since we began and that means offering the best prices on our cheap refurbished laptops and our cheap refurbished computers. We priced ourselves on our cheap prices and unrivalled service by offering IT equipment to our customers at trade prices. We constantly monitor our pricing and our aim is to be the cheapest laptop retailer for recycled computer equipment.
We also offer completely free UK  and Ireland delivery on all our products and even provide a free tracked delivery service to the address of your choosing. We can cater to all needs and any budget. If you are looking for a bulk computer deal or bulk laptop deal give our sales team a call on 0871 288 3261.
Due to the large number and selection of factory refurbished laptops we guarantee that you will find a laptop here to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are a student looking for a budget laptop to aid in their studies, an engineer looking for a rugged laptop or a Panasonic toughbook laptop we have something to suit every need. Each laptop that we put through our refurbishment program comes complete with Office software and antivirus software. This means that you can get straight to work using your new laptop. The factory refurb laptops that we supply tend to be ex corporate laptops meaning they are built to a higher quality compared to consumer laptops and are suited to the needs of a business laptop environment. This is something the home buyer wants to buy but rarely gets the chance to purchase. Thus we are confident that we can sell you extremely reliable laptops, that are extensively tested and factory reconditioned.
A huge portion of our sales comes from bulk laptop sales to business consumers. We supply laptops and computers to call centres, training centres and education bodies such as schools. Our low priced laptops and cheap computers make attractive propositions to those with tight budget restrictions. Our laptop trade sales offer a unique opportunity for companies to stretch their resources and simply buy more than they could previously. If you have a look at our product listings we have laptop bulk pricing listed however if you want something that you don’t see listed why not give our trade enquiry team a call on 0871 288 3261. We can supply and source bulk IT equipment such as bulk used laptops and bulk used computers. If you wish to setup a trade account get in touch and we can offer a dedicated account manager to help walk and talk you through sales and offer competitive laptop discounts for bulk purchases. We can even offer specialised configuration to your requirements, software loading and disk imaging to client specification. We are also an accredited educational partner supplier to a number of schools because we can provide unmatched pricing and services such as XP downgrades, ghosting and imaging. We don’t even have a minimum order requirement and can supply a number of operating systems such as Windows and Linux or even blank laptops supplied without operating systems suited to your needs. If you need a quotation or have a bulk purchase enquiry give our wholesale laptop trade team a call or message. We can supply wholesale dell laptops, wholesale IBM laptops. Wholesale lenovo laptops or wholesale Toshiba laptops.
Refurbished laptops are ones which have been put back through a process of reconditioning before being resold. This means it has been taken back to the factory for extensive testing before being recommissioned. Quite often these are laptops which have been leased to large corporations such as banks or schools. Large businesses tend to lease their IT equipment for between 2 and 5 years. Once these leases have expired the IT equipment is replaced with new machines and the old equipments returns to the lease company. This is where we come in and purchase the equipment and put it through the reconditioning process in our factory. Any data belonging to previous owners is completely wiped leaving a blank as new machine and we can then begin the testing process and any machines with faults or defects can be rejected.
We also sell refurbished laptops which are customer returns. This type it equipment has simply been returned by our customers within the 14 days returns period because the machine did not suit their requirements. Once again they are wiped, tested and put through the rigorous refurbishment process before they are back to an as new standard. We even supply laptops not with coloured lids and can supply pink laptops, blue laptops, customised laptops, and customised laptop lids.
As a company we pride ourselves on our extensive and rigorous factory refurbishment process. Laptops are firstly checked for any imperfections and graded accordingly. Its quite rare for the business quality laptops we sell to physically break however anything deemed to be worn or broken is replaced. We then begin the process of data wiping the IT equipment using specialist data destruction software to ensure our clients information is completely wiped, formatted and removed from their machines. Once this has completed we can begin to establish the laptops specifications, assign a stock number and determine which is the relevant operating system for each machine. The most popular operating systems used are Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 and to a lesser extent Linux. Once we have installed the operating system on the relevant laptop or computer we can then begin even more testing and diagnosis. We test laptop screens, ports such as parallel, USB, HDMI, firewire and anything else each specific laptop may have. Another important part of our reconditioning process is the physical cleaning of each machine. Screens are sterilised and cleaned and keyboards, touchpads and plastics disinfected and the next stop is our photo studio where we take pictures of all our IT equipments before placing it for sale on our website.
Techyteam has also won a number of awards namely back in 2007 when they were voted as Ebay seller of the year. You can also view our ebay feedback and ebay shop too where we will soon have 40,000 happy customers and a fantastic 99.9%  feedback rating from each of our customers. We often hold laptop auctions in our ebay shop so be sure to book mark us for later.