Toughbooks starting at just £89.99 Panasonic Cf-19 just £129.99 free UK delivery. Let me introduce you to the most famous rugged laptop, the Panasonic Toughbook. These have earned the moniker of the ‘worlds toughest laptop’ after being introduced into service almost 20years ago. Panasonic realised then that the world needed a tough laptop. Panasonic’s build quality is legendary and they were in fact the first company to introduce a laptop that had a build in CD Drive back in 1994. Throughout the world some of the most demanding professions use a Toughbook. Their speciality is making a laptop which is waterproof, dust proof and you can even drop it. In fact you could drive your car over some of the fully rugged models. There are different types or versions of Toughbooks available to buy. They range from tablets to notebooks to fully rugged laptops. The fully ruggedised versions are able to withstand water, dust and drops. Their hard drives are surrounded by a secure gel and foam enclosure to absorb any impact forces and to ensure that your data is not corrupted. Checkout the range of refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 that we sell which are fully rugged. These laptops are used by military forces across the world, which can survive drops from up to 6ft. These laptops can be used in conditions ranging from freezing cold to the hottest deserts with scorching heat and dust to even the wet tropics and jungles where they are used by logging companies and miners. The operating temperature ranges from +60 degrees celcius to -51 degrees celcius freezing. You can find more detailed information here The semi ruggedised toughbooks are water resistant and able to withstand drops from around 70cm. They come with a specialised toughened casing, you can check out the refurbished Panasonic toughbook CF-T2 that we sell. The advantage of the semi rugged toughbook is that they are made from lightweight materials making them easier to carry around. These are often used by telephone engineers or police forces. Our engineers have been approved by Microsoft and we are qualified authorised refurbishers. We are a perfect match for your business to business toughbook requirements as we are a UK VAT registered company, whom will provide a VAT receipt with each order. The warranty we offer on toughbooks ranges from 1 year to 3 years depending upon the model. We can also offer bulk pricing on our toughbook range so if you need some information please get in touch with us.
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